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Paul Manley, D.O. (ESO 1980), M.A.O.(Manip), Registered Osteomyologist
For muscle and joint problems

Anatomy and physiology for students of voice:

The 5 compartments of breathing

Legend: R= rear, F=front, L=left, R=right
e.g. RR2 = the upper rear section on the right side.

   Whenever there is a spinal assymetry present, especially in the ribcage, the breathing is affected.

Often the breath is forced upwards towards a high breathing pattern.

The most common pattern is illustrated on the left and affects the upper section of the ribcage ( R2, F2 ).

The resultant breathing pattern becomes confined to the areas below the area of fixity.

The person cannot inhale fully into the upper ribcage.

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