Paul Manley Back Pain and RSI Clinic

Paul Manley, D.O. (ESO 1980), M.A.O.(Manip), Registered Osteomyologist
For muscle and joint problems

Over 40 years of experience with musculo-skeletal pain
Accurate assessment of your condition
Unique treatment methodology and techniques
Treatment is safe and sensitively applied.
Be assured of a thorough, warm, understanding, effective approach when you consult Paul for help.

Thousands of individuals for all sorts of conditions have been helped:

Back problems
Shoulder pain
Frozen shoulder
Neck pain
Repetitive Strain Injury
Tennis and golfers Elbow
Post-fracture rehabilitation
Arthritic joints
Aching muscles
Poor circulation/lymphatic drainage
The over 60's are welcome, age is little hindrance to improvement

Treatment methods
Include deep massage and stretching of muscles and fascia. Paul also uses Trigger point therapy and Myo-fascial release in order to stretch and soften tense, hypertonic muscles coupled with joint mobilisation through very precise, passive techniques.
This reduces muscle spasm, increases mobility and creates a healthier state in which damaged tissues can heal more efficiently.

His methods are individually tailored to take into account the many differences between each persons’ condition and sensitivities.

Paul will do his utmost to:
1. Get you out of immediate pain.
2. Reshape your skeleton, joints and muscles into a more mechanically symmetrical structure.
3. Restore mobility, co-ordination, muscle strength and increase postural/ergonomic awareness.


So, whether it is your low back, ankle, sciatica, strained neck, repetitive strain disorder, the knuckle on your left little finger or simply tired, tight muscles almost anywhere in your body, call Paul and make an appointment, or if you simply wish to discuss a problem please give him a call or text right now.

Treatment sessions last 45 minutes to one hour.

Fees are £120 for the initial consultation and treatment.

£90 for subsequent sessions of 45-60 minutes.

30 minute sessions are £60 and are available where appropriate for your condition.

Discretionary discounts are given to the low paid, pensioners and students.

A salutory tale

A few weeks ago a gentleman in his 60's consulted me about his life-long migraines.
He had on average two attacks per week which lasted one to two days.
They mostly occured on his right side with a spread to the left and top of the head.
He had been on medication all of his life without the drugs helping too much.
He had also been regularly seeing an Osteopath for 20 years to no avail.
The Osteopath had been using 'cranial techniques' for his condition.

On examination, this gentleman had a displaced Atlas (the topmost neck vertebra) along with a gross distortion of the entire neck spine. He also had extreme muscle tension in the upper fibres of the right Trapezius muscle.

I immediately set to work on the upper fibres of the Trapezius muscle reducing the tension, softening and stretching the muscle. I also applied 'micro-myo-articulation techniques to his neck muscles with specific attention to the sub-occipital muscles at the base of his skull.

I saw him again the following week and his symptoms had slightly reduced in intensity and applied more treatment.

Then following a break of three weeks after the second treatment he came in bounding with enthusiasm because he had not had a single migraine during that time for the first time in his adult life.

It troubles me that it was obvious what the problem was and what to do about it.
What dismays me is that this is a common story where patients have been to other practitioners, be they Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists or many of the other therapies which purport to be effective. It is very annoying that people should suffer so unnecesarily simply due to the ignorance and lack of skills that seem to be the 'norm' these days.

So if you want the benefit of my over 40 years experience, stop wasting your time with useless but well meaning therapists, consult me to see and feel a big difference, no fancy machines or snake oil, just honest hands-on treatment wherever it is in your body that a problem exists.

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